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Officials and other servants of the European Union (and members of their family subject to certain conditions) are covered by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union (JSIS), which reimburses medical expenses for most medical procedures or treatments at the rate of 80-85% (subject to certain ceilings). Members of the scheme in active employment are also insured against accidents and occupational diseases.

The sickness insurance scheme is financed by a contribution equal to 1.7% of the monthly basic salary of the individual members and the employer's contribution.


Officials, members of the temporary and contract staff and retired officials who have primary cover may obtain a certificate of cover which certifies that they, and, where appropriate, their family, are insured by the JSIS:

  • For staff in active employment (officials and members of the temporary or contract staff) and retired officials who have requested access via ECAS:
    go to JSIS online, where you can print out a certificate of JSIS cover directly, in the language you need, for yourself and for members of your family (the certificate is available in 23 languages);

  • For anyone else, without ECAS access, the certificate can be obtained

    - on request from PMO Contact on line (Membership/Certificates)

    - by phoning the Membership team of your Settlements Office, being sure to provide:

        • your personnel/pension number

        • the name of the person for whom you need the certificate
        • the language in which you need the certificate

    Settlements Office in Brussels: (+32)2 295 80 37

    Settlements Office in Luxembourg: (+352) 4301 30655
    Settlements Office in Ispra: (+39) 0332 78 9026


Members should call their Settlements Office to organise direct billing:

Brussels Settlements Office (tel. +32-2-295 98 56)

Luxembourg Settlements Office (tel. +352-4301 36100/36406)

Ispra Settlements Office (tel. +39-0332-789966)

JSIS members can reach PMO CONTACT by phone every weekday from 9.30 to 12.30 (tel.: + 32 2 299 77 77).
For members needing to contact the Ispra Settlements Office, the telephones are staffed every weekday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 until 16.00 ( tel.: +39 0332 78 5757).
You can also ask any questions about sickness, accident and occupational disease insurance via the website: