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In all organisations, whether public or private, staffing matters are dealt with by internal departments.

The Paymaster Office (PMO) administers the financial entitlements of the staff.

The PMO administers, calculates and pays the financial entitlements of the staff of the European Commission and certain other Community institutions and bodies.
These individual entitlements are:


- salaries and allowances;
- reimbursement of experts and mission expenses;
- health insurance and accident cover;
- pensions;
- unemployment.


Leaving the service

If you are no longer employed as a contract or temporary staff member at the European institutions, you can get more information on:

- the retirement pension,
- the unemployment allowance,
- the severance grant,
- the resettlement allowance

from the unit and/or department responsible for management of human resources in your former institution.

All the rules applicable to officials and other servants can be found in the Staff Regulations, where you will also find information on financial entitlements.

Alongside the PMO, other departments deal with other aspects of the Commission's personnel management:
Matters of principle relating to human resources and security are dealt with by DG HR.

Implementing building policy, housing the departments, technical maintenance and procurement of supplies are dealt with by the Brussels Infrastructure and Logistic Office (OIB) and its equivalent in Luxembourg (the OIL).

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) organises the selection of staff for all the European institutions, including the Commission.