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  1. Global connections

    Cross disciplinary studies in cross national cultures, migration, nationality, integration and coordination ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Iceland

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland
  2. History- Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras

    Knowledge of the past and understanding of the present are the essential skills to be developed by the student of History. A broad education in History (pre-medieval, medieval, early modern and contemporary) allows for the acquisition of skills for the professional performance and the attendance of post-graduate studies in areas such as History and other sciences and social technologies. Combining training in History and Geography, this course grants access to 2nd Cycle Studies in the Teaching of History and Geography. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Coimbra

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  3. Communication Design- Universidade do Algarve, Escola Superior de Educação e Comunicação

    Established in 1984, the School of Education and Communication (Escola Superior de Educação e Comunicação - ESEC) is one of the seven Schools and Faculties of the University of Algarve. It is a centre for creation and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of education, culture, arts, technology and science. Besides awarding polytechnic degrees, it provides in-service, specialized, and advanced training as part of a lifelong learning policy. It is committed to undertaking knowledge transfer and promoting research in its key scientific areas. It provides services to the community and cooperates with public and private institutions within the scope of training, research and development programmes. It is highly motivated to make a substantial contribution to its areas of intervention, yet without losing sight of its specificity as a training institution, which is in a close relationship with both the regional and international communities, especially through student exchange programmes and international projects. Communication Design Course Structure ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Algarve

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Algarve
  4. Translation- Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras

    The degree in Translation aims to provide graduates with a general scientific understanding and appropriate working methodologies to enable them to develop essential translating competences in two foreign languages. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  5. Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment- Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril

    The Degree in Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment aims to prepare staff for the planning, management and implementation of tourism entertainment projects, as well as management of leisure venues and facilities (tourism, culture, recreation and sports). Regime: Working hours and after working hours. ...

    Provider NameEscola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  6. The University of Cyprus

    University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in European Higher Education, offering Competitive Programmes and to become a Centre of Excellence in the wider Euro - Mediterranean Region. The main objectives of the University are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus. In this context, the University believes that education must provide more than simply accumulation of knowledge. It must also encourage students' active participation in the process of learning and acquisition of those values necessary for responsible involvement in the community. The University sets high standards for all branches of scholarship.  Research is promoted and funded in all departments for its contribution to scholarship in general and for its local and international applications.Faculties and Departments : FACULTY OF HUMANITIES  Department of English Studies Department of French Studies and Modern Languages Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies Language Centre  MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES Department of Biological Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics Department of Computer Science Department of Physics Department of Chemistry Molecular Medicine Research Center Oceanography Centre  FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND EDUCATION Department of Education Department of Social and Political Sciences ...

    Provider NameThe University of Cyprus

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Cyprus
  7. Biology- Universidade dos Açores, Ponta Delgada

    The Degree in Biology provides training in the scientific area of biology and life sciences. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade dos Açores

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Região Autónoma dos Açores
  8. Medicine- Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências Médicas

    The course is focused on students' educational needs and in the priority health problems of communities by focusing on the integration of knowledge and learning by PBL and encouraging an early contact with clinical practice through a better coordination between the basic and the clinical areas. The clinical teaching takes place in various health institutions (public and private) partnered with the medical school through protocols ratified by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade Nova de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  9. Network and Information Systems Engineering- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências

    The Integrated Master of Science in Network Engineering and Information Systems produces highly qualified professionals who can analyse, plan, install and run complex systems for the distribution, storage and processing of data. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  10. Fashion Design and Marketing- Universidade do Minho, Escola de Engenharia

    The course aims at training designers specialized in textile and apparel products, which are also able to conceive high added value products regarding their innovation and creativity, dully directed to demanding market segments or market-target niches.  This course provides the technical and scientific capacity to access the courses of the second cycle (Master). ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Minho

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte