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  1. Economics- Universidade de Aveiro

    This 3-year degree aims to give students a solid grounding in Economic Theory, both in its generic and abstract sense, as well as with respect to its application in specific areas. Together with the study of key classical concepts essential for an understanding of social and economic issues, the 1st Cycle in Economics also deals with current and innovative contemporary scientific topics in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, History and Law. Finally, it is considered essential for economists to have a minimum level of knowledge and competences in Accountancy, Finance and Management given the importance of these areas in the job market. Although study programmes are taught in portuguese, teaching staff will be able to provide tutorial-type support in english and will provide english language recommended lists. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Aveiro

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  2. Přehled vysokých škol (veřejné, soukromé, státní)

    Přehled vysokých škol (veřejné, soukromé, státní) - Overview of schools of tertiary education (public, private, state) ...

    Provider NameMinisterstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Czech Republic
  3. Administration and Educational Management- Universidade Aberta

    This Degree is specially aimed at teachers, future teachers or people developing or intending to develop activities within learning institutions, either within the national education system or in private institutions (like school managers, for instance). It is required: basic digital literacy and a personal computer with Internet access. The programme will begin with a face-to-face session to be held at the headquarters of Universidade Aberta (Rua da Escola Politécnica, n.º 147, Lisboa). Acess to Further Studies: 3rd cycle studies. Study Plan ...

    Provider NameUniversidade Aberta

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  4. Economics- Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Economia

    Learning objectives include as well the mastery of fundamental knowledge of sociology, history and law. Students also develop instrumental skills in the context of computer science and English. In addition, students are stimulated to pursue an interdisciplinary path in areas related to economics, in order to provide them with knowledge and tools to ensure skills for a wider range of academic and professional outcomes. Minors allowing a basilar specialization to exercise professional functions related to Sociology and International Relations. The minor in Management allows deepen the training in this area, reinforcing the expertise for the labour market. Also, the development of interpersonal skills takes place through the processes and methodologies centred on student learning, encouraging individual and group work, which stimulate critical understanding of current economic topics through the economics conceptual and methodological approach, as well as the development of reasoning and communication abilities. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Coimbra

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  5. Northern Academy

    The private university offers binary courses in economics, economic engineering and economic informatics. ...

    Provider NameNordakademie

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
  6. Environmental Engineering- Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Escola de Ciências da Vida e do Ambiente

    This is a Bachelor that intents to develop an overview of the environmental problems, covering technological, ecological and socioeconomic aspects. Furthermore, it is intended that the way these contents are taught can fill in the demands of the entrepreneurial framework, not only referring to the industrial domains, as consultancy/projects, central and local administration, but also, to laboratorial and investigation activities. In few words, students will be qualified for waste management, environmental upgrading, ecological impact studies, planning on natural spaces, environmental monitoring, information systems, education and information in the ecological area, among other aspects on the Environmental level. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  7. Landscape Architecture- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências

    Landscape architecture is an interdisciplinary profession that combines science and art. It makes use of natural and social sciences, technology, humanities and arts. Landscape is the focus of study, intervention and management. Landscape architects plan, design and manage outdoor spaces where people live, work and play, harmonizing aesthetical, functional and environmental values. Works range from planning and managing large and complex natural or cultural landscapes to designing the public squares and parks of our towns. Landscape architects develop skills to plan and design ecologically, socially and economically sustainable outdoor places which improve the quality of life of human communities as well the environment and the biological diversity. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  8. Educational Centre in Munich- Handycraft Academy

    The Handycraft Academy offers a wide range of training programmes ...

    Provider NameBildungszentrum München

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Germany, Bayern
  9. Information and Enterprise Systems- Universidade Aberta

    The Master Course in Information and Enterprise Systems main objective is to train professionals with solid basic training and expertise in technology and business systems and operations of organizations so that they can meet the needs constant technological innovation in companies and organizations in general in the context the rapid development of information society and knowledge. The course runs mostly under online, virtual classroom, and in classroom sessions mandatory intensively concentrated in one or two weeks a year, in the form of seminar and / or workshop. It is required that the candidates have access to a computer with broadband Internet and possess reading and comprehension skills in English and spend up to three weeks in face-to-face teaching. Students pursuing for the preparation of the thesis should be able to design and conduct research in some areas of knowledge inherent to the course and submit to a public examination for the Defense of Master's Thesis. The completion of this Masters course may be an element for pursuing higher studies. Study Plan ...

    Provider NameUniversidade Aberta

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  10. Architecture- Universidade dos Açores, Ponta Delgada

    The first four semesters are based on an interinstitutional cooperation between the ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) and University of Azores (UAc). This partnership aims to provide access to an increased number of students from Azores that have the necessary academic qualifications and also collaboration at postgraduate level. Currently, the first four semesters are taught at the University of Azores, while the rest of the Masters Programme is completed at the ISCTE-IUL. The Integrated Master of Architecture is founded on a convergence of several scientific areas that act on and with the design activity. Both practical and theoretical reflection are fomented in order to provide students with an informed, critical and autonomous thinking regarding the various dimensions of space. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade dos Açores/ISCTE-IUL

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Região Autónoma dos Açores