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  1. French

    Master studies in the French language, culture, history and politics.  ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Iceland

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland
  2. The University of Cyprus

    University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in European Higher Education, offering Competitive Programmes and to become a Centre of Excellence in the wider Euro - Mediterranean Region. The main objectives of the University are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus. In this context, the University believes that education must provide more than simply accumulation of knowledge. It must also encourage students' active participation in the process of learning and acquisition of those values necessary for responsible involvement in the community. The University sets high standards for all branches of scholarship.  Research is promoted and funded in all departments for its contribution to scholarship in general and for its local and international applications.Faculties and Departments : FACULTY OF HUMANITIES  Department of English Studies Department of French Studies and Modern Languages Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies Language Centre  MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES Department of Biological Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics Department of Computer Science Department of Physics Department of Chemistry Molecular Medicine Research Center Oceanography Centre  FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND EDUCATION Department of Education Department of Social and Political Sciences ...

    Provider NameThe University of Cyprus

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Cyprus
  3. Basic Education- Universidade do Minho, Instituto de Educação

    This cycle of studies enables to the exercise of non-teaching educational functions, particularly in:  - support centres to study attendance/help and leisure activities;  - institutions that promote childcare in prolonging the school time/schedule;  - pedagogical innovation projects;  - animation projects for public and school libraries and reading mediation / promotion;  - services of study attendance of hospitalized children or that are unable to attend school;  - school support services to immigrants;  - support services for children with special educational needs. This course provides the technical and scientific capacity to access the courses of the second cycle (Master). ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Minho

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  4. OnCampus

    The oncampus GmbH offers distance study courses at a variety of public universities of applied science (Fachhochschulen). It is a 100 % affiliate of the Fachhochschule Lübeck and has grown to a European provider in e-learning. ...

    Provider Nameoncampus GmbH

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
  5. Biology- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências

    The Biology degree provides theoretical and practical training (laboratory and field research) in the main areas of biology including biodiversity, human biology, ecology, evolution, physiology, genetics and microbiology; all areas are approached through a combination of traditional and modern methods originating in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology.  ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  6. Dance- Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Escola Superior de Dança

    The Degree in Dance offers practical training with the objective of develop the technical, creative and performing capacities of its students, while encouraging autonomy, team work and responsibility in the development of artistic productions. It also aims to stimulate reflection and contextualization of artistic practice, based on the development of pedagogical sensitivity and the ability to interact positively in the community. ...

    Provider NameInstituto Politécnico de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  7. English

    Studies in English with two possible graduation titles: MA in English and MA in English literature. It is also possible to specialise in translations between English and Icelandic ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Iceland

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland
  8. Global connections

    Cross disciplinary studies in cross national cultures, migration, nationality, integration and coordination ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Iceland

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland
  9. Design and Multimedia- Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

    The objectives recommended for the Bachelor Degree in Design and Multimedia favour a solid foundation in Communication Design, Multimedia and Information Technology, seeking to develop a broad range of skills primarily designed to pursue further study in the 2nd cycle (Master’s Degree), complementing the professional education in Design and Multimedia, specializing the student and endowing him/her with the skills of design and multidisciplinary dialogue, essential to the existing understanding of the profession. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Coimbra

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  10. Physics- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências

    This degree ensures that students acquire knowledge of classic and quantum physics to underpin the development of explanatory models and the understanding of a vast range of phenomena. It provides up-to-date training in the methods and experimental techniques including the design and implementation of experimental projects. It also furnishes expertise in mathematics, numerical and computational techniques. Furthermore, it enables students to acquire competence in specialised areas of physics, furnishing a solid foundation for continued scientific or educational studies. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte