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  1. Chemistry- Universidade de Aveiro

    Graduates with a 1st Cycle degree in Chemistry from the University of Aveiro will have attained the following objectives during their programme of studies:  a solid grounding in the core areas of Chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, biological and analytical chemistry); and in addition the necessary background in mathematics, physics and informatics; basic knowledge in several others more specialised areas of Chemistry, for example: macromolecular chemistry, materials chemistry; biochemistry etc;basic knowledge in one of the following optional Minor areas: Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Sciences, Environmental Sciences or Management;  practical skills in chemistry gained during laboratory courses, at least in inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, in which they have worked individually or in groups as appropriate to the area. Although study programmes are taught in Portuguese, teaching staff will be able to provide tutorial-type support in English and will provide English language recommended lists. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Aveiro

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  2. Journalism- Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras

     Objectives of the Course:  - Acquire the main theoretical and practical content in Journalism and Mass Communication; - Understand deeply the key areas of Journalism's intervention; - Understand the current development of the Journalism's areas of specialization; - Be able to select appropriate literature, demonstrating complete understanding and criticism of the content, context, objectives, quality of information, and its interpretation and application; - Be able to employ study methodologies appropriate to their area of training, recording and analysis of facts; - Being able to think autonomously, to perform tasks and to propose solutions to solve problems within their area of training; - Demonstrate levels of knowledge, understanding and performance sufficient to ensure employability or allow access to subsequent courses of study. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Coimbra

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  3. Chemistry- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências

    Chemistry graduates have a solid scientific foundation in the theoretical and laboratory components of the discipline as well as a set of techniques and general abilities which qualify them to compete in the national and international job market or to continue on for second or third cycle studies in chemistry or in interdisciplinary areas with a chemical component. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  4. American studies

    Studies with a special focus on the language, culture and history of the entire American continent. Teaching languages are Icelandic, English and Spanish. People can specialise in one or more countries.  ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Iceland

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland
  5. Landscape Architecture- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências

    Landscape architecture is an interdisciplinary profession that combines science and art. It makes use of natural and social sciences, technology, humanities and arts. Landscape is the focus of study, intervention and management. Landscape architects plan, design and manage outdoor spaces where people live, work and play, harmonizing aesthetical, functional and environmental values. Works range from planning and managing large and complex natural or cultural landscapes to designing the public squares and parks of our towns. Landscape architects develop skills to plan and design ecologically, socially and economically sustainable outdoor places which improve the quality of life of human communities as well the environment and the biological diversity. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  6. Deutscher Bildungsserver

    The German Education Server has databases on materials, institutions, people, events and competitions in education, special directories for specific target groups such as teachers and trainees ...

    Provider NameDeutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Germany
  7. Filcēšana- Pieaugušo neformālā izglītība- Studija "Dekors"

    Filcēšana - Pieaugušo neformālā izglītība - Studija "Dekors" ...

    Provider NameStudija "Dekors"

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Latvia
  8. Vispārējās vidējās izglītības vispārizglītojošā virziena programma (neklātiene)- Vidējā vispārējā izglītība- Valkas ģimnāzija

    Vispārējās vidējās izglītības vispārizglītojošā virziena programma (neklātiene) - Vidējā vispārējā izglītība - Valkas ģimnāzija ...

    Provider NameValkas ģimnāzija

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Latvia
  9. Geography- Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território

    Geography encompasses different thematic fields (Social Sciences, Earth Sciences), and it is a comprehensive discipline which is concerned with current issues and their different scales. Geography occupies a nodal position and given that it is a scientific field where natural and social phenomena come together, it plays a key and essential role in interpreting, understanding and explaining these phenomena. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  10. Industrial Design- Universidade da Beira Interior, Faculdade de Engenharia

    To establish a strong relationship between design and technology in order to equip the trainees with knowledge in the areas of materials and manufacturing processes which, coupled with the development of a general mechanical sensitivity, will allow the design of simultaneously aesthetic pleasing, innovative and feasible products . Provide the trainees with knowledge on modern computer graphics alongside the traditional techniques of graphic expression. Educate the trainees with skills in technical knowledge and language that will allow communicating with professionals in multidisciplinary teams in contiguous areas of product development. Real-world business challenges through collaborative product development with national and international companies. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade da Beira Interior

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)