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About Ploteus

PLOTEUS (a Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout Europe) was set up in order to respond to the conclusions of the Lisbon and Stockholm European Councils (March 2000 and March 2001), which invited the European Commission and Member States to create a Europe-wide service providing information on jobs and learning opportunities. The purpose of PLOTEUS, just like that of EURES, its counterpart, is to put into effect the right to freedom of movement for European citizens by providing the necessary information.

In its present form, PLOTEUS aims to facilitate navigation among existing information resources on learning opportunities. The work of identifying and classifying the information resources is carried out by the National Resources Centres for Vocational Guidance (Euroguidance) - a European network funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme and by national authorities.

It should be emphasised that PLOTEUS is a project under construction. On the one hand, the current service for guiding users to existing information resources is being permanently expanded and updated. On the other hand, the Commission and the relevant national authorities are working together to define a common protocol that will allow the interconnection at European level of national and regional databases. This will provide citizens with unified, direct access to any such tools.

The project is managed by DG Education and Culture; its development was supported by the DG Enterprise IDA (Interchange of Data between Administrations) programme. EURES is managed by DG Employment and Social Affairs.