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Case studies summaries

In the ICZM Database, there are hundreds of case studies that reflect successful examples of ICZM approach and tools applied throughout the European Member States.

Each case study has been briefly described in approximately 2-page English summary, with a defined structure and addressing the questions of where, why, how and involving whom has the ICZM approach or tools been applied, but also what were their main results and which were the main successful and failure factors affecting the implementation.

In the majority of cases, the information in summaries has been produced or verified by an expert or competent person directly involved in the case, making sure that the information given is reliable. Additionally, the summaries have also been assessed by staff of regional or local authorities that have checked the added-value of the case context and the clarity of the information presented. The source documents used as a basis for the summaries are all referenced and, whenever possible, have been made available for download in their original language and format. This will allow the user to go deeper into detail regarding the case and the approaches used.

All the summaries can be read online or downloaded as PDF files.

Search within the case studies Database

Each case study has been classified under certain themes and key approaches. However, due to the cross-cutting nature of ICZM, the majority of the cases are related to more than one theme and more than one key approach.
In terms of geographic coverage, the ICZM Database contains cases from all European coastal countries and their level of implementation can be either at local, regional, national or trans-national scale (e.g. regional seas).

Thus, you can search for a particular set of cases through the list of themes, the list of key approaches, by geographical location or by a free search of words.