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Compliance with health and safety requirements in the buildings

OIL is responsible for “adopting the necessary measures to ensure compliance with and implementation of health and safety requirements in Commission buildings”. This of course takes account of European framework Council Directive 89/391/EEC, which lays down that “The employer shall have a duty to ensure the safety and health of workers in every respect related to the work.”

OIL – SHT mission

- Ensure that the institution, in its role as employer, acts in accordance with health and safety regulations and complies with the relevant standards and directives.
- Organise and maintain a prevention and training programme.
- Provide guidance and advice.
- Respond in an emergency.

OIL – SHT tasks


- Organise the security checks of the buildings and technical installations.
- Coordinate the security work of external companies in the buildings.
- Monitor the asbestos inventory of the buildings occupied by the Commission.
- Maintain an inventory of dangerous products.
- Maintain a file of safety data sheets on the products used in the different Commission buildings.


- Permission to work with naked flames/Work permit.
- Evacuation drills.
- Maintenance of fire extinguishers.
- Inspection of fire prevention systems.


- Organise hygiene inspections in the kitchens, restaurants and crèches.
- Organise checks on water quality.
- Organise microbiological checks of foodstuffs, air and work surfaces.
- Monitor and assist with the HACCP programme(*) in the kitchens.
(*) HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point


- Training of Firefighters (FF).
- Safety awareness-raising actions.


- Evaluation of workstations.
- Guidance on adapting document provisions.
- "Standard Building".
- Monitoring of construction sites.
- Emergency procedures.
- Actions and advice regarding prevention and safety.

- Advice and administrative support for the Committee on Safety and Health at Work (CSHT).
- Participation in interinstitutional health and safety activities.
- Assistance with Green Housekeeping.

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