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Transport of staff and equipment

The "Transport" section’s mission is to organise and monitor the transport of persons and equipment.
Subject to availability, vehicles from the transport pool of the “Internal Services - Maintenance” Unit of the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Luxembourg can be made available to officials/other staff for work-related journeys.

Receipt, dispatch and internal distribution of documents

The “Messengers, Sorting, Mail” section’s mission is to organise the collection and distribution of mail between Commission departments and between the various Institutions in Luxembourg. Through efficient organisation and monitoring, the section receives, sorts and distributes mail and circulates documents internally for the Commission Directorates-General in Luxembourg.

Conference management

The Conference Centre manages the conference rooms in Commission buildings (Jean Monnet, Wagner, Euroforum, Joseph Bech) and, where necessary, can hire outside conference facilities. When large conferences are being held, the Centre can prepare the initial announcement, manage registrations, organise the meeting days and publish the conference proceedings. The DGs that organise the conferences are responsible for meeting the cost of room hire.
The Conference Centre enables meetings and conferences of an administrative, social, scientific and technological nature to be held at any level with maximum user comfort and satisfaction.


The role of the “Print Shop” section is to offer all Commission departments in Luxembourg an efficient service producing and distributing documents and brochures. It makes a constant effort to ensure that delivery deadlines and production quality criteria are met and its staff are keen to keep themselves up-to-date with new technologies. The section is an active participant in interinstitutional cooperation.

Office supplies

The role of the “Office Supplies” section is to provide staff with the office supplies they need to do their job. Through efficient organisation and monitoring, the section purchases, stores and distributes office supplies for Commission departments and other institutions in Luxembourg.

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