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Decisions, communications and memoranda

Preparatory work

Interim report: Analysis of a new method of organising certain activities undertaken by the European Commission or with other Community institutions within specific structures (Andersen study, March 2002). (-FR)

New structures for managing administrative tasks currently undertaken by DG Admin (SEC(2002) 618).

Proposals for new structures and processes within DG ADMIN: Report to Vice-President Kinnock
(-FR) (-FRsummary).

Communications and memoranda

Memorandum from Vice-President Neil Kinnock in agreement with the President Communication from the Commission (COM(2002) 264 final). (-FR)

Creation of the Office

"Cost-benefit analysis concerning the possible outsourcing of a certain number of activities currently carried out by DG Admin services". Study conducted by Arthur Andersen.(-FR).
Creation of the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics (OIL) in Luxembourg.
( -FR)

Buildings policy

Here you can access the reference document for building-related topics, both for internal use by the departments of the Commission and for use by the external parties with which it has dealings on the property market.

It lists the requirements to be met by buildings for housing the various Commission departments. The descriptions come from the Commission departments responsible for property and are the result of experience acquired in the course of day-to-day management.

Document "Standard Building" for Luxembourg is currently being drafted.

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