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Interinstitutional Children’s Centre (CPE)

The Interinstitutional Children’s Centre (CPE) provides parents from European Union Member States who are officials and agents of the European institutions with access to care facilities for their children, enabling them to continue their work when they have children. The CPE comprises:

      • a Crèche run by the European Parliament
      • a day nursery (Garderie) and a Study and Recreation Centre run by the European Commission.


        Nursery (Garderie)

        Its aim is to look after the children and foster their development through educational activities and play. The Nursery accepts children from the age of three and half years until the end of ‘Maternelle’ schooling (nursery school). They may be offered a place at the age of three, provided they are toilet-trained and able to express themselves clearly in their mother tongue. Children who do not yet go to school attend the Nursery all day long. In the afternoon, it also accepts children who attend Maternelle (nursery school) in the morning. The children are grouped by language.

        Study and Recreation Centre

        Its aim is to foster child development through educational activities and play and to give children the pedagogical support they need to complete their homework. It welcomes children from the age of six (attending primary school) until 14. Primary school children are grouped by language and secondary school children are in mixed groups, e.g. with children from different language sections.

        During the school holidays, the Garderie and the Study and Recreation Centre welcome children throughout the day.

        For further information, please consult:


        You can enrol your child using the electronic form e-KidReg at least 3 months before the likely starting date. To connect to e-KidReg, please use the link: and follow the instructions given.
        For more information concerning the enrolment of your child, please contact:

        CPE Kirchberg

        • for the Study and Recreation Centre : Mrs Lucia JUCAN, tél.(+352) 4301 36369 (
        • for the Garderie: Mrs Antonia PEREZ-WIERZBINSKI, tel. (+352) 4301 34967 (

        CPE Mamer/Bertrange

        • for the Garderie and the Study and Recreation Centre : Mrs Christine MARTIN, tel. (+352) 4301 38423 (

        The Garderie and the Study and Recreation Centre provide a link with the European Schools but management of the CPE is independent from that of the Schools. So for questions on enrolling your child in a European School in Luxembourg, please contact the school directly.

        Links to the European Schools:
        Lux I (Kirchberg):
        Lux II (Bertrange/Mamer):

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