Contracts and Public Procurement

We have been informed that the name of the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB) and of the OIB.DR.2 - Finance and Public procurement unit - has been used for attempt of fraud ("phishing").

Please note that our purchase procedures > EUR 60.000 are published on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union', dedicated to European public procurement.

Information published in Tenders Electronic Daily, a supplement to the EU Official Journal: Others:
For further information, please contact us at:
Office for Infrastructure and Logistics – Brussels
OIB.DR.2 "Finance and Public Procurement"
B-1049 Brussels
Tel. (32-2) 298 69 89
Fax: (32-2) 296 05 70

Commission property requirements
Multiannual forecasts for property requirements of the European Commission in Brussels (2014-€“2018)

Property prospecting notices

How do I sign up to receive property prospecting notices? PDFNederlands

Property prospecting notice to meet the office space requirements of the European Commission in Brussels (deadline: 22/08/2014)

Call for expressions of interest
Calls for expressions of interest are used to preselect candidates who will be invited to respond to future restricted invitations to tender. Interested parties may apply for inclusion on the list of preselected candidates at any time up to three months before the list is due to expire.

The list will be used for contracts with an estimated value of at least EUR 60 000, but not exceeding EUR 134 000 for services and supplies contracts and EUR 5 186 000 for works contracts (thresholds above which the Commission's public procurement rules apply).

For specific contracts, the authorizing department will send the tender documents and invitation to tender either to all candidates on the list or to individual candidates who meet the preselection criteria for the contract.

Ongoing calls for tenders

OIB.DR.2/PO/2015/004/649 - Belgium-Brussels: Supply of fuel oil for heating, and for the emergency generators, for the buildings occupied and/or managed by the European Commission in Brussels and the surrounding area

OIB.DR.2/PO/2014/091/646 - Supply of foodstuffs (bread, pastries, fish) for the canteen at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra VA, Italy

OIB.DR.2/PO/2014/079/641 - Supply of furniture and furnishings for accommodation at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra VA, Italy

OIB.DR.2/PO/2014/053/621 - Supply of clothing for uniformed staff

OIB.DR.2/PO/2014/070/635 - Hire, on an all-purpose basis, of portable fire extinguishers, including their installation and maintenance

OIB/DR2/PR/2014/085/644 - Works to strengthen the basements of a European Commission building in the Brussels-Capital Region

OIB.DR.2/PO/2014/055/622 - Supply of furniture

OIB.DR.2/PO/2014/076/639 - Technical surveillance services for buildings occupied and/or managed by the European Commission in the Brussels-Capital Region and surrounding area

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Commission Art
Berlaymont Summa Artis II - contemporary art works from all EU countries on display in the Commission's headquarters.

"Unity in Peace" - sculpture celebrating brotherhood, tolerance and hope by French artist Bernard Romain.