25 June 2018 — The competition jury meets for the first time

© EU/Olivier Lestoquoit
M. Hager, K. Borret, O. Bastin, I. Souka, P. van Bergen, B. Hossbach, B. Magenhann, M. Séguinot
B. Cody, P. Benuska, A. Grüntuch-Ernst, A. Hutchinson, G.H. Oettinger, B. Tagliabue, M. von Schmalensee, D. Lyon, M. Mouligneau © EU

The jury for the Loi 130 architectural competition met for the first time on 25 June. During a visit of the competition site, the jurors discovered the ins and outs of the existing buildings and got acquainted with the complexity of the Loi 130 project.

In the meeting that followed the jury elected Commissioner Oettinger as its Chairperson and Swedish architect Monica von Schmalensee as its Vice-Chairperson. The Head of Commissioner Oettinger's office, Michael Hager, and French architect Dominique Lyon will deputise for respectively the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

The jury also discussed the competition brief. This is the document on which all participating teams need to base their designs. The competition brief explains in great detail the objectives and technical requirements of the Loi 130 project.

The Loi 130 competition is anonymous. This means that the jury does not know who the candidates are until the end of the competition. Only after the winners of the competition are chosen in June next year, will the identity of the teams be revealed.

In January next year, the jury will meet again and select the 10 teams that can enter the second phase of the competition.

16 May 2018 - The European Commission decided on the nomination of the jury members of the Loi 130 Architectural Competition during its 2254th meeting that took place on 16 May 2018. The names of the jury members and their deputies have been published under the section Competition/Jury.

27 March 2018 – Launch of the Loi 130 architectural competition