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The Office for Infrastructure and Logistics, Brussels, was created by a Commission decision of November 6, 2002 PDF.

The mission of OIB is to ensure the implementation of all actions connected with the accommodation of personnel, the management of social infrastructure and the logistics of the institution in Brussels as well as social infrastructure on the Ispra site of the Commission in Italy.

OIB's aim is to ensure a functional, safe and comfortable workplace for all those working for the Commission, and to provide good quality support and well-being services, based on a client-oriented approach, in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way.

In particular, responsibilities include :
  • to manage the purchase, rental and maintenance of the movable and immovable property of the Commission, as well as inventories and VAT questions related to them,
  • to organise relocations and to manage space,
  • to manage:
    • the transport of staff and of equipment according to internal requirements,
    • the reception and distribution of mail and the internal distribution of documents for the Directorates-General and other departments of the Commission,
    • graphic reproduction services,
    • office supplies,
    • the historical archives,
  • to manage the social facilities placed at the disposal of the personnel of the European institutions including restaurants, cafeterias, shops, sports centres, etc.
  • to provide certain social services to the institutions such as creches or after school child-minding services
  • to ensure the occupational health and safety of Commission staff through prevention and protection measures.

Organisation of OIB
The Office is managed by:
  • Marc Mouligneau: Director of the Office
The organisation chart of OIB PDF (16 Kb)

There are four departments in OIB:

  • Resources (Head of Department: Marc Mouligneau (acting))
    • Informatics Resources
    • Planning and Internal control coordination
    • Human Resources, Communication
    • Finance and Public Procurement
  • Management of Real Estate (Head of Department: Marc Séguinot)
    • Internal service for occupational health and safety, prevention and protection
    • Implementation of buildings policy
    • Technical Services, Building Management
    • Property Projects
  • Operations and Services (Head of Department: Erik Halskov)
    • Historical Archives, Mail, Reproduction
    • Support Services, Logistics
    • Social Infrastructure - Ispra
  • Childcare facilities (Head of Department: Christiane Bardoux)
    • Nurseries
    • Child-minding facilities, CIE

The activities of the office are supervised by a management committee, under the authority of the member of the Commission responsible for human resources and security. The management Committee is chaired by the Director General of DG Human Resources and Security (DG HR).

The staff of the Office is subject to the same staff regulations and the same internal rules as other staff working for the Commission. Rules and internal procedures apply to OIB in the same way as they apply to other DG’s and services of the Commission.

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