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  • Any food business operator can use authorised health claims if the conditions of use and any applicable restrictions are respected.
  • Non-authorised health claims should not be used.
  • National authorities control the use of claims.
  • Health claims should only be made for the nutrient, substance, food or food category for which they have been authorised, and not for the food product that contains them.
  • Some flexibility of wording of the claim is possible provided its aim is to help consumer understanding taking into account factors such as linguistic and cultural variations and the target population. Adapted wording must have the same meaning for the consumer as the authorised claim in the EU Register.

EU Register of nutrition and health claims made on foods

The EU Register is for information only, showing:

The Commission will update the EU Register when required, namely upon adoption of EU decisions on applications for claims or on changes to conditions of use and restrictions.

EU Register of Nutrition and Health Claims

Claims not in the EU Register

A number of submitted health claims do not appear in this EU Register: