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Refugees' health: RE-HEALTH project presents its results

The RE-HEALTH project on refugees' and migrants' health co-funded by the European Commission's Third Health Programme (2014-2020) presented its results at a closing conference of its pilot phase in Brussels on 15 May.

RE-HEALTH was launched in February 2016 by the Migration Health Division of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Regional office in Brussels. The project has four key aims:

1) to establish links between key reception areas for refugees and migrants and the health systems;

2) to expand the use of the Personal Health Record (PHR) and the accompanying Handbook for Health Professionals (HPs) whose purpose is to evaluate the health status and needs of arriving refugees and migrants in Europe;

3) to ensure that health assessments and preventive measures are implemented, taking into account the needs of children and other vulnerable groups; and

4) to ensure that data initially collected through the e-PHR (electronic personal health record) is stored in a database so that it is available at transit and destination countries.

The e-PHR pilot phase results from Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia were presented with a demonstration of the e-PHR platform where the Personal Health Records can be exchanged electronically within and between countries, fully in line with the EU e-health strategy and an example of its practical application.

A Roundtable discussion was held between implementing partners: IOM country office coordinators and representatives of Health Ministries in Greece and Slovenia, Médecins du Monde Greece, health professionals and mediators, on how to consolidate the project's results and take them to the next phase.

A new grant from the EU Health Programme in 2017 is planned for this purpose.

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