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Fish farmed in the EU: a healthy, fresh and local alternative

Fish farming is healthy, sustainable and can help tackle overfishing and protect wild fish stocks. That was the message delivered by European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, at a specially organised event at the Global Seafood Expo held in Brussels.
Farmed in the EU

At the event, part of the Inseparable campaign to promote sustainable seafood, Commissioner Damanaki highlighted the importance of fish farming, or aquaculture, as one of the world's fastest growing food sectors. Fish farming, or aquaculture, can help to relieve the burden on wild fishes when it comes to satisfying our ever growing demand for fish – both in the EU and worldwide. One of the world's fastest growing food sectors, fish farming accounts for about half of the fish eaten worldwide every year with that figure on the rise. Simply put, without aquaculture there would not be enough fish to feed the world population. This would mean having to take more fish from our seas and jeopardising the long term sustainability of our wild fish stocks.

As part of the reforms to the Common Fisheries Policy, the EU has committed to supporting the aquaculture sector. A recent set of guidelines present the common priorities and general objectives for Europe's fish farming sector which include improving access to space and water, achieving high health and environmental standards, reducing administrative burdens and increasing competitiveness. Financial support to achieve this will be made available through the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, whilst research aiding the sustainable development of European aquaculture will also be funded.

Commissioner Damanaki was joined at the event by two tops chefs; Gianfranco Vissani from Italy and Kevin MacGillivray from the UK. Both chefs shared their farmed fish recipes and spoke of the quality of fish produced across Europe's fish farms. Later in the year, an EU run school project across ten countries will raise further awareness of the benefits of eating farmed fish.

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