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Call for 4-Year Framework Partnership Agreements to support European networks through operating grants

EU citizenship and free movement,Gender equality,Tackling discrimination

On 7 March 2017, DG Justice and Consumers has opened a new call for proposals under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme to establish new 4-year Framework Partnership Agreements with EU-level networks. This is the second of its kind under the current Multi-Financial Framework 2014-2020.


Hearing on EU Citizenship in practice: our common values, rights and democratic participation

EU citizenship and free movement

A hearing will be jointly organised by the European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers) and the European Parliament (LIBE, PETI, AFCO and JURI Committees) on 15 March 2016. This constitutes a timely opportunity to further reflect, with all actors concerned, on concrete avenues to advance EU citizenship in this context. The objective of the hearing will be to look at ways of simplifying and facilitating the exercise of EU citizens' rights in their daily life, as well as to promote our common values and democratic participation.


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