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In this issue - January 2017

Integrating migrants: education and vocational training key to address disadvantages

First-generation migrants who arrive before the age of 15 and second-generation migrants overall perform better than the rest of first-generation migrants, sometimes nearly as well as their native counterparts.

EU collaborative economy: a research agenda for policy support

The latest JRC work puts forward a research agenda to tackle the need for more data, trust and transparency, evaluate the impact on the labour market and ensure social rights in this new work environment.

JRC launches collaborative doctoral partnerships

The partnership will offer opportunities to a new generation of doctoral students, with particular focus on research for policy-making. Deadline for application is 15 March 2017.

Water purification by Mother Nature and its benefits for society

A study led by the JRC puts the benefits of this "free" service at €16 billion a year at European level, a conservative estimate in terms of actual consumption by economic sectors and households.

Hope for metastatic prostate cancer patients: targeted alpha therapy shows impressive results
Nearly three years of research have brought about remarkable results for the majority of 80 patients subjected to targeted alpha therapy of metastatic prostate cancer.
26 - 27 January 2017 - Toledo, Spain
Conference "XXIV Public Economics Meeting"

Co-organised with the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, the conference focuses on fiscal policy, growth, regional and health economics.

8 February 2017 - Brussels, Belgium
Citizen Science and Open Data: a model for Invasive Alien Species in Europe

This joint workshop with the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) will focus on strategies for collecting and sharing data gathered by citizens, with the aim to support a European early warning and rapid information system on invasive alien species.

Tools and databases
European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment

The platform is a guide on life-cycle assessment of products addressed to policy-makers and businesses. The data provided aims to help both the private and the public sectors make informed decisions for more sustainable and environment-friendly production.

JRC Publications

The JRC publishes around 1400 scientific reports and publications annually in support of EU policies. They can be browsed and downloaded from the Science Hub

Working with us

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