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Internet of Things
Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017:Internet Of Things Large Scale Pilots
The European Commission announces a 'Call for Proposals on Internet of Things (IoT) Large Scale Pilots (LSPs)' to take up the IoT in Europe and to enable the emergence of IoT ecosystems supported by open technologies and platforms.
AIOTI Recommendations for future collaborative work in the context of the Internet of Things Focus Area in Horizon 2020
The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) publishes the twelve Reports containing the "Recommendations for future collaborative work in the context of the Internet of Things Focus Area in Horizon 2020" covering the main focus areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) Work Programme 2016-2017.
Contact : AIOTI Team
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International workshop on future 5G standards and spectrum
Key 5G players from the EU, China, South Korea, Japan and the US have met at the ICT 2015 event in Lisbon. On the agenda: how different regions can work together to accelerate the definition of 5G standards and to better co-operate on spectrum allocation for 5G.
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2nd 5G for Verticals Workshop: 5G Serving Vertical Industries
During this workshop, the participants had the chance to discuss the four White Papers identifying the possible impact on the future 5G networks by the forthcoming innovative digital business models. These papers have been elaborated by vertical industry sectors in partnership with the ICT industry. The European Commission together with the 5G infrastructure Public Private Partnership organised this 2nd 5G Verticals Workshop in Brussels a few days ago.
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Horizon Prizes
Horizon Prizes in the field of digital technologies - Only one month is left to apply for the 'Collaborative Spectrum Sharing' Prize!
Innovators, SMEs and non-profit organisations can apply until December 17th 2015 for the 'Collaborative spectrum sharing' Horizon Prize and until March 15th 2016 for the second Horizon Prize on 'Breaking the optical transmission barriers'.
EU Calls & Consultations
European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC2016) - Call for Papers
Are you a researcher focused on Networks and Communications systems? Would you be interested in submitting a paper on 5G technologies and converging concepts, reaching vertical applications and services? You can submit your paper for EuCNC 2016, which is the 25th edition of a successful series of a technical conference in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the European Commission. You can submit until 5th February 2016.
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