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For a hassle-free holiday - 08/08/2011

Flags of the EU's 27 member countries on flagpoles © EU

If you're planning to holiday in another EU country this summer, check out our take-away tips for a stress-free trip.

Travelling in Europe has never been so easy thanks to EU agreements covering borders, pets, medical treatment, roaming charges and passenger rights.

Before you go:

  • Always carry your ID or passport – in case you need to prove your ID (e.g. at flight check-in). And you'll need to show it at the border if you're travelling to or from Ireland, the UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus or Romania, which are outside the EU's border-free area.
  • Cats, dogs and ferrets need a pet passport to travel with you. This proves your animal has had its rabies vaccination. Ireland, the UK, Finland, Malta and Sweden have additional requirements so check the national rules before you travel. National rules also currently apply for other animals.
  • Contact your mobile phone operator if you plan to use your phone a lot, especially for web and e-mail. Once your data-roaming charges reach €50, your provider has to discontinue the service – to protect you from "bill shock". But you can you set a lower or higher level before you leave. The EU has also placed a cap on roaming charges for calls and texting.
  • Make a note of the EU emergency number: 112. This number works in any EU country and operators speak a variety of languages, depending on the country.

En route

  • Know your basic rights as an air or rail passenger in the EU. The disabled and those with reduced mobility have additional rights on these modes of transport.

To find out more about what the EU can do for you, use the Commission’s information service, Europe Direct. Queries are handled in all official EU languages.

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