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Lost luggage - 31/07/2009

Passengers checking in luggage at airport in Germany © Reporters

Missing luggage still a big headache for passengers in Europe.

On average more than 12 000 pieces of luggage went missing in European airports every day during the first nine months of 2008 - 16% less than in previous years but still “excessive and unacceptable”, says transport commissioner Antonio Tajani.

He says new EU-wide rules might be necessary to solve the problem, which is frustrating for passengers and costly for the industry.

For every 1 000 passengers, 14 bags went missing in the EU, compared with about five in the US. Much of the time, the bag never made it to the aircraft or was loaded on the wrong plane.

According to industry figures, 4.6 million bags were delayed at EU airports between January and October 2008. In 2007, the number was about 6.2 million.

The EU has bolstered passenger rights in recent years, as explained in a list of tips on how to keep the summer holidays safe and hassle-free. The list reminds travellers of the EU’s emergency telephone number – 112 – and includes information on airport security rules and rights for of passengers denied boarding for fear they have the new flu.

Passenger rights in the EU

The EU top 10 for passengers

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