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Europa site gets makeover - 18/09/2009

Screenshot of the new Europa homepage © EC

New navigation and layout make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the EU site’s main pages – in any official EU language.

Europa – the EU’s official website – is usually the first place people go to look for information on the European Union. As well as covering EU institutions and laws, it offers practical guidance on moving to another EU country, for example, or accessing funding. The website also shows who benefits from EU action, and how.

With over 6 million pages, the Europa portal is one of the biggest sites in the world. So it’s not surprising it can sometimes be hard to find a specific piece of information. To make the entry pages more user-friendly, we’ve simplified the layout, dividing the site into 6 main themes reflecting user needs.

The navigation menu will appear on all pages to make it easier to move around the site without getting lost. By clicking on the Europa logo, you can quickly return to the homepage from wherever you are in the portal. And there will be live navigation help available in English, French and German.

The idea behind the redesign is to restructure existing content in a more rational way – to separate laws and complex technical material from more general information, and to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

We want to continue improving the site, so please use the feedback feature if you have any problems with the new pages, or if there are new features you’d like to see. Your input will help us shape the pages to fit your needs.

During the switch-over to the new layout, you may encounter the odd glitch, but (hopefully!) nothing major. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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