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Together for research - 13/07/2009

Woman doing research in a lab © EC

New public-private partnerships launched to boost scientific research – long recognised as a stimulus for economic growth.

Spending on research and development today will make Europe more competitive tomorrow. That’s the thinking behind EU moves to promote R&D investment as part of the recovery plan to get Europe’s economy moving again.

Three new public-private partnerships (PPPs) should help. Financed 50% by the EU and 50% by industry, the PPPs will fund research on “factories of the future” for the manufacturing sector, “energy-efficient buildings” for the construction sector and “green cars” for the automotive sector.

These sectors were chosen because they have been particularly affected by the crisis and because R&D here could lead to new, green technologies, helping to make the economy more sustainable. Between them, the PPPs will receive a total of €3.2 bn for R&D.

Companies benefit from working with the EU because it gives them a say on strategic research priorities. And because a fixed budget over a number of years ensures continuity and enables them to make long-term investment plans. For the EU, sharing costs with the private sector makes expensive research projects possible.

On 30 July, the commission will launch a call for proposals for individual projects within each PPP. Some 750 people are expected to attend a PPP info day on 13 July, designed to ensure as many people as possible from the research community are aware of the opportunities offered by the PPPs.

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