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EU's most inventive regions take centre stage - 25/02/2008

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Regional bodies gather at EU conference to share good practice and promote sustainable development and competitiveness.

Over 600 regional bodies are in Brussels today at the latest EU regional policy conference (25 - 26 February), organised by the commission and the EU’s committee of the regions. This year's conference focuses on competitiveness and sustainable development, and offers a wide range of workshops on topics like business clusters and Civitas, an initiative to promote sustainable transport.

The EU's different regions have many issues in common: ageing populations, adapting to globalisation and sustainable energy supply, to name a few. Sharing ideas can help them improve policy, to tackle these challenges more effectively.

From now until 2013, €375m will available for the authorities responsible for managing the EU's regional funds to do just that, by setting up networks and other learning activities. This week's conference will give the best of an opportunity to explain their strategies and showcase their projects. One of the workshops, for example, will look at how to help traditional industries and their workers adapt to increased foreign competition.

And the conference will also see the prizes awarded to the winners of this year's RegioStars regional development competition by regional policy commissioner Danuta Hübner. The competition honours the most inventive projects in regional development.

More on EU regional policy.

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