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Chinese delegation at EU-China trade talks ©EC

Climate change, the financial crisis and economic relations dominated the EU-China summit in Prague on 20 May.

The EU and China signed agreements to expand cooperation in science and technology, clean energy and small business. And they reaffirmed their commitment to a project to showcase technology for generating electricity from coal without releasing CO2 - one of the main gases behind global warming.

The two sides also explored positions ahead of the international talks on climate change in Copenhagen in December. The EU is urging emerging economies like China to limit CO2 emissions in exchange for financial support from developed nations.

On the financial crisis, the EU and China agree that international institutions should have a bigger role in monitoring economic risks and that the emerging and developing economies should have more say in these institutions. At high-level talks earlier in May, the two sides emphasised trade and investment as key to economic recovery.

The two sides also discussed human rights in Tibet and conflicts in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Pakistan – three countries where China wields considerable influence.

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