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Back to school! - 17/01/2011

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European civil servants go back to school to talk to young people about what the EU does.

European civil servants go back to school to talk to young people about what the EU does.

The "Back to School" initiative sends EU civil servants back to school for a day – if possible to a school where they were once a student.

The initiative was launched in 2007 by the German government to mark the start of their EU presidency term and was also supported by the Commission. Successive presidencies of the Council of the EU have continued it. This year, it is Ireland and Lithuania's turn. Due to the success of the initiative, other EU countries will also participate and will welcome EU civil servants back to their old schools. Schools not counting EU civil servants among their alumni are welcome to participate too.

Civil servants of all levels take part and serve as "EU ambassadors" for a day.

EU Back to school puts a face on Europe for young people and brings the EU institutions closer to them. The project gives students a unique chance to ask their questions on the EU and learn something from the experiences of people who are actually helping make European integration a reality. It helps them better understand how the EU works, learn about European policies and discover educational programmes they themselves can participate in such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus

To find out if your country is taking part in the programme, contact your local Commission Representation, or the Back to School Coordinator Virginia Quirke

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