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EU budget reform – time to have your say - 01/04/2008

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Public asked how EU money can best be raised and spent in future to improve their lives.

Open and no holds barred – this is the type of debate the EU hopes to stimulate with its ongoing public consultation on reforming the EU budget.

Launched last September, the consultation has attracted ideas from various quarters, but the EU wants to hear from all sections of society – not just governments but interest groups, businesses, academia and of course private individuals. The debate isn't about specific cash amounts but rather the bigger picture of the EU's priorities for the future, so everyone needs to be involved.

The EU budget reform is about taking a fresh look at Europe and its place in the world. New ideas are welcome – it's a free discussion, with no subjects off-limits. This kind of debate is the only way to ensure that EU finances efficiently tackle the challenges of the modern world.

According to budget commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite the public feedback will play an important role in the Commission's proposal for reforming how the EU raises and spends its money.

You can make suggestions on the EU budget reform website, where you can also find the full background to the budget and the reform and read the contributions already made.

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