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Time to go green! - 03/06/2008

Green week logo. Map of Earth on crumpled waste paper and slogan, only one Earth, don’t waste it

A chance to debate and catch up on the latest ideas as green week 2008 kicks off in Brussels. "Only one Earth, don't waste it."

Natural resources, waste management, production and consumption – these are just some of the topics being dealt with at this year's green week (3-6 June).

Now in its eighth year, green week is expected to attract several thousand participants.

During the week, representatives from civil society, business and government will pool their expertise in a bid to provide answers to some fundamental questions.

  • How can European companies stay competitive while using natural resources in a sustainable way?
  • Can major construction projects such as the London Olympics 2012 really be 'green'?
  • How can we consume responsibly?
  • What is the best way to recycle?
  • How should Europe solve its growing waste problem?
  • How can we make transport more environmentally friendly?

Sustainability will be the key theme of a commission action plan due out in green week. It will focus on production, consumption and industry policy.

Green week will also be showcasing innovative projects from around Europe. European business awards will be given to the most environmentally innovative companies, while the LIFE environment awards will go to a selection of cutting-edge projects part-funded by the commission.

Online registration for green week is now closed, but you can register in person at the main venue – the Charlemagne Building.

Green week live (webstreaming)

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