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Is your city a green role model? - 22/05/2008

Man reading beside his bicycle in a city park

With towns and cities growing ever bigger, the EU launches a competition to find Europe’s green capital – and encourage improvements in quality of life for millions of city-dwellers.

If you live in a green and pleasant city with a good environmental record, it might be in the running for the EU's first green capital award.

Four out of five Europeans live in towns and cities so the need for healthy, green urban environments has never been greater. To inspire planners, local authorities and inhabitants alike, the EU is launching the European green capital award. The prize will be awarded annually, to the city that takes best care of the environment and creates the healthiest living space for its residents.

The award – an idea originating from the cities themselves – focuses on long-term, innovative environmental solutions. Credit will be given for green spaces, clean public transport and creative thinking on waste management and noise pollution. The panel of experts and the jury will also assess candidates' environmental track record and forward-planning. 

As an annual green role model, the award-winner will share best practices and network with other European cities, sowing green inspiration all over Europe.

Applications are now open for any European town or city with more than 200 000 inhabitants. The deadline for the first awards (in 2010 and 2011) is 1 October 2008.

The award will boost the winner's international reputation and help it attract talent, visitors and businesses.

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