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Don't shop in the dark! - 10/03/2008

Consumer with a bag on her head

Most effective European consumer campaign recognised for raising awareness on consumer rights.

And the winner of the European consumer campaign competition is: Finland – for a web-game to educate young consumers about their rights and responsibilities as online shoppers. The results of the competition were announced this morning by consumer affairs commissioner Meglena Kuneva. Ireland, the UK, Hungary, Estonia and Norway also won special category awards in this, the first EU competition to find the most effective national consumer-rights campaigns.

In total, there were 27 nominees for the first EU consumer campaign award, covering a wide range of topics – air passenger rights, internet fraud, misleading advertising and food information.

From now on, to mark European consumer day (15 March), this award will be given each year to the national campaign that has most successfully informed consumers about their rights.

Well-informed consumers help shape the market and boost competition. This year’s European consumer day focuses on the fact that consumers are not always able to make informed choices. For example, when they can’t see prices clearly or can’t compare offers easily. Consumer policy needs to correct that.

The idea behind consumer day is to raise Europeans’ awareness of consumer issues through events organised around Europe, mobile info centres and seminars on consumer rights.

Problem with a product you bought in another European country? Contact the  European Consumer Centres Network

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