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Climate change & energy targets post-2020 - 04/04/2013

Low-energy lightbulb © EU

Public consultation to inform future EU energy and climate change polices (2020-2030).

The EU already has climate and energy targets to achieve for 2020 – cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy use and boosting renewable energy.

But to maintain momentum after 2020, it needs to start consulting and thinking now. Planning ahead will encourage early investment in new infrastructure and stimulate innovation in low-carbon technologies.

The Commission is launching the process through an online consultation, which runs until 2 July. You are invited to give your opinion on:

  • what type (and level) of climate and energy targets should be set for 2030
  • how to achieve a fair plan which takes into account each EU country’s specific energy needs and resources
  • how the EU's energy strategy can improve the competitiveness of its economy.

Your opinions will feed into proposals the Commission is planning for later this year on a climate and energy strategy to 2030.

The proposals will seek to improve the current strategy and take into account changes in the EU energy mix, the economic situation and new technologies.

The objectives remain the same – reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure the EU’s energy supply and support growth, competitiveness and job creation.

As another part of its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Commission is also asking for opinions on how to encourage the development of technologies to capture and store CO2.

Binding renewables targets create growth

A report on the EU’s progress in developing renewable energy shows that current policy with binding targets has led to strong growth of the sector.

More households and businesses would turn to renewable energy if it involved less red tape, if renewables were better integrated into the energy market, and if subsidy programmes were clearer and more stable.

More on climate change and energy efficiency

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