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Careers opportunities across Europe - 01/10/2010

This autumn, the 2010 European Job Days give jobseekers a chance to meet employers from all over Europe, and find out about working in other EU countries through seminars and workshops.

This autumn, jobseekers can hook up with employers at over 500 events being held all over the EU. The European job days are an ideal opportunity for school-leavers, graduates and people who already have work experience to find out what jobs are out there in other European countries.

The European jobs market has been showing signs of recovery this year. As the employment situation stabilised in the early part of the year, the unemployment rate levelled off in February at 9.6%.

But that is still higher than in previous years 9.1% in July 2009 and 6.7% in July 2008 a clear sign that the labour market has not yet emerged from the crisis.

Yet, despite the open borders inside EU, many Europeans seeking an escape from the crisis and from unemployment still do not look outside their home country. The 2010 European Job Days are meant to help them do just that. In over 200 European cities, jobseekers can come and explore the possibilities for branching out abroad.

At job fairs, businesses can conduct on-the-spot interviews to find applicants with the right qualifications. Jobseekers have a chance to bag their dream job there and then.

In addition, there are conferences and information sessions organised in cooperation with EURES, the European network of public employment services with over 750 advisers to help employers and jobseekers.

The main event is Job Day Europe in Brussels, hosted by the European Commission on Saturday, 2 October, from 10.00 to 17.00 in the Berlaymont building. Around 40 employers will be there, with a wide range of jobs on offer.

Potential job applicants can also attend conferences and workshops, where they can pick up information and tips on looking and applying for jobs in other European countries.

Anyone interested can register online. There is no entrance charge. Just bring 10 copies of your CV.

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