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Smart taxes work for you - 07/04/2008

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The right tax systems boost economic growth, create jobs and keep us in work.

The 2008 Brussels tax forum – an annual conference on tax issues of general and political interest (7-8 April) – will focus on how tax policy can contribute to growth and competitiveness in Europe, and a modern, innovative and sustainable European welfare state.

EU tax policy seeks to achieve important goals such as the free movement of capital, competitiveness, growth and employment, while avoiding harmful tax competition between EU countries.

"Cooperation between tax authorities, tax-policy coordination between the Member States and the harmonization of certain elements of the tax systems when and where appropriate can improve the competitiveness of our companies," explains taxation and customs commissioner Kovács.

Participants in the forum will learn about the experiences of EU countries which have introduced important tax reforms, and consider the following questions:

  • how can tax systems do more to foster growth?
  • how can current tax systems be improved?
  • what can make the European social model more sustainable?
  • what have flat taxes achieved?

The Commission is always looking for innovative ideas – in the field of tax policy the best ideas are rewarded with the European academic tax thesis award for work on comparative, European and/or international tax law.

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