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EU guidelines aim to improve training for young people - 09/12/2013

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The EU is proposing guidelines to ensure that employers make details of traineeships clear in advance, and that traineeships equip young people for permanent employment.

Young people taking up traineeships to boost their career prospects could benefit from  better training under guidelines put forward by the European Commission.

This framework aims to ensure that traineeships – which help young people gain the skills and experience needed on the job market – provide high-quality training and suitable working conditions.

Tackling unemployment in the EU

Europe-wide, 5.7m people under the age of 25 are jobless. A recent survey showed that although almost half the young people polled had done a traineeship,  a third of the programmes were not up to scratch. Some employers, for example, failed to offer payment or the opportunity to gain relevant skills.

The point of the framework is to ensure that employers make details of traineeships clear in advance – including payment, working conditions and supervision – and that they comply with EU rules on working time and holiday entitlements. It also limits traineeships to a maximum of 6 months.

It is hoped these guidelines will encourage more young people to train abroad, enabling them to benefit from  the same standards across the EU.

EU Youth Guarantee

Traineeships are part of the Youth Guarantee, which seeks to ensure that all young people up to the age of 25 are offered a good-quality job, traineeship or apprenticeship, or the opportunity to continue their education, within 4 months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed.

EU countries are being urged to adopt the framework as soon as possible to help protect young people and improve their chances of gaining permanent employment.

Press release - Ensuring high-quality training for the EU's young: the European Commission proposes guidelines

Youth Guarantee

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