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Recognising new literary talent across Europe - 30/09/2013

EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou announces the 12 winners of the 2013 EU Literature Prize.

A dozen new or emerging authors from around Europe have been declared winners of the 2013 EU Prize for Literature.

The annual competition, now in its 5th year, helps draw attention to new and emerging authors who might otherwise not gain the recognition they deserve outside their home country.

The competition aims to put the spotlight on the creativity and diversity of Europe’s contemporary literature, promoting its circulation within the continent and stimulating interest in reading books by authors from other countries.

In addition to collecting cash prizes of €5,000 and having their books promoted at prestigious book fairs, the winning authors also gain access to funding for translating their books into other European languages.

The EU Literature Prize is open to 37 countries around Europe. Each year, national juries in a third of the countries nominate winning authors, so that all countries are represented over a 3-year period.

The 2013 winners are:

  • Isabelle Wéry (Belgium), for her road-movie in the form of a novel, Marilyn Désossée
  • Faruk Šehić (Bosnia-Herzegovina) for Knjiga o Uni, a novel about overcoming wartime trauma
  • Emilios Solomou (Cyprus) for Hμερολóγιο μιας απιστίας, a book about time, destruction, memory and love
  • Kristian Bang Foss (Denmark) for Døden kører audi, a novel involving a road trip through Europe
  • Meelis Friedenthal (Estonia) for Mesilased, which follows the adventures of a student travelling between the Netherlands and Estonia
  • Katri Lipson (Finland) for Jäätelökauppias, a playful and charming story, mostly set in the Czechoslovakia of the 1940s and 50s
  • Lidija Dimkovska (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) for Резервен Живот, about the struggle for individuality of Siamese twins
  • Marica Bodrožić (Germany) for Kirschholz und alte Gefühle, a story about time and memory
  • Tullio Forgiarini(Luxembourg) Amok – Eng Lëtzebuerger Liebeschronik, the story of an adolescent’s search for love, happiness and a place in today’s society
  • Ioana Pârvulescu (Romania) Viaţa începe vinery, a unique and charming journey into bygone times
  • Gabriela Babnik (Slovenia) Sušna doba, which chronicles an unusual love affair
  • Cristian Crusat (Spain) for Breve teoría del viaje y el desierto: 6 stories which contemplate the full range of human experience.

The announcement of this year’s winners coincided with the 12th European Day of Languages, which celebrates our rich linguistic heritage and the benefits of language learning.

This year’s event, which saw a wide range of language-related events taking place across Europe, emphasised how languages value not just in getting a job but more generally in helping people move around Europe to work, study and live.

EU Literature Prize

Press release - Winners of 2013 EU Literature Prize announced

Press release - European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

Europe's best literature rewarded

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