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Europe’s best literature rewarded - 09/10/2012

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The EU recognises 12 new or emerging authors – European Union Prize for Literature 2012.

The annual prize, now in its 4th year, is one of the ways the EU supports authors, such as by investing around €3m each year on translating some of Europe’s best literary works, making them accessible to more readers and helping writers expand their audience.

New and emerging authors receive €5,000, significant recognition and promotion at prestigious book fairs. Since 2010, EU funding has also helped translate 32 of the 35 prize winners into 19 languages, a total of 104 translations. The 2012 winners are:

  • Anna Kim (Austria) for her book ‘Die gefrorene Zeit‘ (Frozen Time), about a researcher helping a man from Kosovo
  • Lada Žigo (Croatia) for ‘Rulet’ (Roulette), a novel on gambling
  • Laurence Plazenet (France) for ‘L’amour seul’ (Love Alone), a story about secret lovers who are separated
  • Viktor Horváth (Hungary) for ‘Török tükör’ (Turkish Mirror), takes readers on an adventurous journey back to 16th century Hungary
  • Kevin Barry (Ireland) for ‘City of Bohane’, set 40 years in the future in a once-great city on the west coast of Ireland
  • Emanuele Trevi (Italy) for ‘Qualcosa di scritto’ (Something Written), a tale of a writer who finds work in an archive
  • Giedra Radvilavičiūtė (pseudonym for Giedra Subačienė, Lithuania) for ‘Šiąnakt aš miegosiu prie sienos’ (Tonight I Shall Sleep by the Wall), a collection of short stories
  • Gunstein Bakke (Norway) for ‘Maud og Aud: ein roman om trafikk’ (Maud and Aud: A Novel on Traffic), about a family devastated by a car accident
  • Piotr Paziński (Poland) for ‘Pensjonat’ (Boarding House), describing a boarding house whose residents are Holocaust survivors
  • Afonso Cruz (Portugal) for ‘A Boneca de Kokoschka’ (Kokoschka’s Doll), a story of friendship and identity
  • Jana Beňová (Slovakia) for ‘Café Hyena (Plán odprevádzania)’ (Café Hyena (Seeing People Off), short stories and observations on a young woman’s relationship with an ageing man
  • Sara Mannheimer (Sweden) for ‘Handlingen’ (The Action), about a woman’s desire to conquer all literature.

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