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Strong showing at Cannes for European cinema - 19/05/2008

French culture minister Christine Albanel, European Commission president José Manuel Barroso and European media commissioner Viviane Reding

2008 Cannes festival shows ever-growing success of EU-funded films worldwide.

Fourteen films jointly funded by the EU media programme have been selected to appear at the 61st Cannes international film festival. The EU media programme funds European audiovisual projects, promoting the continent's cultural diversity through film.

EU-funded productions are no strangers to film festivals and over the years have been seen by millions of people.

However, European film makers face major challenges both internationally and at home. On 19 May, during the sixth " Europe day" at Cannes, EU representatives will sit down with European film ministers and producers to discuss how to stimulate more international cooperation in the audiovisual industry.

The aim is to expand the circulation of content to other parts of the world and work more closely with film industries outside the EU. Such international partnerships would further aid the production and distribution of European films.

Last year's selection for the Cannes festival included eleven films funded by the EU media programme. And earlier this year a string of EU-backed films - such as The Counterfeiters and La Môme – were garlanded at the Oscars.

The 14 EU-funded films at Cannes 2008 are: Gomorra, Delta, La frontière de l'Aube, Le silence de Lorna, The Palermo Shooting, Sangue pazzo, Entre les murs, Tulpan, Eldorado, Elève libre, Salamandra, Les bureaux de Dieu, Better things and Home.

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