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Your qualification working throughout the EU - 23/04/2008

Graduate with diploma

From Dublin to Helsinki - your degree, diploma or high school graduation will be instantly recognisable thanks to a new system.

The European qualifications framework (EQF) will make it easier to compare qualifications between the EU's different education systems – a diploma gained in one country will have an equivalent in others. The result? Helping people relocate for work and boosting lifelong learning.

"People in Europe too often face obstacles when they try to move from one country to another to learn or work", said training and education commissioner Ján Figel', welcoming the new measure.

The EQF concentrates on what people know and can do with their knowledge, and covers adult, vocational and higher education. It has already prompted many EU countries to develop national qualifications frameworks.

EU countries are now encouraged to map their national qualifications systems onto the EQF by 2010. The goal – by 2012 all new qualifications issued by post-secondary-school establishments in the EU should include a reference to one of the EQF qualification levels.

More on the European qualifications framework

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