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Seeing the bigger picture - 18/01/2008

Logo of the young European journalist award

Young journalist competition to focus on EU expansion

The EU is giving journalists aged 17 to 35, from across the EU as well as potential new member countries, the chance to make a name for themselves through its enlarge your vision award.

Organised jointly by the commission and the European youth press association, the award encourages young journalists to express their views on the expansion of Europe. To enter the competition, applicants are being invited to register and submit an article by 15 March.

So whether you’ve been writing for a school or university magazine, are just starting out on a career in journalism or have been in the business for a while now, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase your talents.

Participating countries will each select a national winner through a panel of journalists and a representative of the commission. The 35 winners will get the chance to go on a special fact-finding tour of the Balkans in June this year, the region most likely to be next up for EU membership.

As the EU continues its expansion eastwards, it is not just the landscape of Europe that is changing but the vision too. Covering and reflecting on this transformation is an important service that European journalists can provide.

Interested? Here are a few questions to whet your appetite:

  • from six to 27 countries - what do you think about European integration over the last 50 years? And what about future enlargement?
  • what are the benefits and challenges of further EU expansion?
  • joining the EU – good for the EU or good for the new member?

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