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Videos on Europe - 09/04/2010

The EU's video competitions are a chance for film-makers to show off their skills and creativity - and win awards and prizes - by producing short videos on European issues.

Today is the last day for entries for the European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2010. The challenge was to produce a short film highlighting the value of entrepreneurship, on one of these three themes: a different way of life, challenges and rewards, or the way into the future. The best films in each category will win an award.

The winners of this year's competition will share prize money of over € 22 000, and will be invited to an award ceremony in Brussels on 25 May, as part of European SME Week for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The prizes will go to films that encourage Europeans to set up their own businesses. Not many people consider setting up a business venture of their own, but Europe badly needs people with entrepreneurial spirit to keep its economy competitive and innovative.

The winner of another video award, 'Visions of Europe', is due to be announced on 14 April. Participants were asked to present a positive and personal vision of Europe - from an artistic, documentary, comic or fictional angle. To help, they were allowed to poach material from the Commission's digital library, to create imaginative videos that would appeal to Europeans of all ages and walks of life. The winner will receive € 10 000.

The ultimate aim behind these competitions is to find effective ways of informing people about what the EU is doing and what its policies are. There is already a good collection of videos on EU Tube, the EU's channel on YouTube.

European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2010

Visions of Europe Award

EU Tube - sharing the sights and sounds of Europe

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