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News | 22/06/2015

Five Presidents' Report on Economic and Monetary Union

President J.-C.Juncker, together with Presidents D.Tusk (Euro Summit), J.Dijsselbloem (Eurogroup), M.Draghi (ECB) and M.Schulz (EP) has revealed ambitious plans on how to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) as of 1 July 2015 and how to complete it by latest 2025.

To turn their vision for the future of Economic and Monetary Union into reality, the five Presidents put forward concrete measures to be implemented during three Stages: while some of the actions need to be frontloaded already in the coming years, such as introducing a European Deposit Insurance Scheme, others go further as regards sharing of sovereignty among the Member States that have the euro as their currency, such as creating a future euro area treasury. This is part of the Five Presidents’ vision according to which the focus needs to move beyond rules to institutions in order to guarantee a rock-solid and transparent architecture of EMU. Delivering a Deeper and Fairer Economic and Monetary Union has been one of the top 10 priorities of President Juncker in his Political Guidelinespdf Choose translations of the previous link .

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