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Weekly meeting17/01/2017

Future financing of the EU and draft budgetary opinions for Spain and Lithuania

The Commission discussed the future financing of the EU and adopted opinions on the updated Draft Budgetary Plans of Spain and Lithuania.

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President Juncker participates in the Geneva settlement talks for Cyprus

President Juncker is leading the EU's delegation to Geneva for the Cyprus settlement Conference. Since the start of the Juncker Commission, President Juncker has actively supported the settlement process as a matter of priority for the European Commission.

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The European Commission at the World Economic Forum in Davos

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos will take place from 17 to 20 January. This year's meeting will put the focus on “Responsive and Responsible Leadership”.

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College visit to the Maltese Presidency

President Juncker today led the College of Commissioners' visit to Valletta, Malta for the traditional visit of the incoming Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Latest News

Weekly meeting17/01/2017

Future financing of the EU and draft budgetary opinions for Spain and Lithuania

Weekly meeting10/01/2017

New measures on services, data economy and health and safety

Weekly meeting21/12/2016

Security Union, Terrorist financing, EU-Turkey Customs Union, rule of law in Poland

Weekly meeting13/12/2016

Updated rules on social security coordination and better enforcement of EU law

Weekly meeting07/12/2016

European Solidarity Corps launched and effective nature protection debated

Weekly meeting30/11/2016

A European Defence Action Plan and "Clean Energy for All Europeans"

Weekly meeting22/11/2016

Sustainable Development, start-ups and business insolvency

Weekly meeting16/11/2016

Security Union, Autumn Package, Malta

Weekly meeting09/11/2016

Trade defence, autumn economic forecast and progress reports on EU enlargement

Weekly meeting25/10/2016

Juncker Commission presents 2017 Work Programme

Weekly meeting19/10/2016

A robust trade policy for jobs and growth

Weekly meeting12/10/2016

Progress towards Security Union

Weekly meeting04/10/2016

Promoting youth employment

Weekly meeting28/09/2016

Mandatory Transparency Register and progress on managing migration

Weekly meeting13/09/2016

Ahead of the State of the Union Speech and debate

Weekly meeting07/09/2016

Enhancing aviation security and industrial competitiveness

Weekly meeting31/08/2016

Commission preparing for the State of the Union speech and debate

Weekly meeting27/07/2016

Focus on rule of law in Poland and fiscal situation of Spain and Portugal

Weekly meeting20/07/2016

Driving Europe's transition to a low-carbon economy

Weekly meeting13/07/2016

Completing the reform of the Common European Asylum System

Weekly meeting05/07/2016

EU-Canada trade deal to be signed by governments; next steps on tax transparency and security

Weekly meeting27/06/2016

Commission discusses UK Referendum results and prepares for European Council

Weekly meeting22/06/2016

An ambitious vision for EU-China relations

Weekly meeting15/06/2016

Progress in managing the refugee crisis and scientific criteria for endocrine disruptors

Weekly meeting07/06/2016

Migration: 'Blue Card' reform, integration and new partnership with third countries

Weekly meeting01/06/2016

College focusses on InvestEU, EU standards, Glyphosate and Poland

Weekly meeting25/05/2016

Commission makes an important step towards a Digital Single Market

Weekly meeting18/05/2016

Commission issues Country-Specific Recommendations and takes fiscal decisions

Weekly meeting10/05/2016

Preparing the next steps under the European Semester

Weekly meeting04/05/2016

Towards a sustainable and fair Common European Asylum System

Weekly meeting27/04/2016

A new integrated EU policy for the Arctic

Weekly meeting20/04/2016

Commission paves the way towards a Security Union and reports on EU-Turkey Agreement

Weekly meeting12/04/2016

Commission proposes public tax transparency rules for multinationals

Weekly meeting06/04/2016

Reforming the European Asylum System and strengthening border management and security

Weekly meeting16/03/2016

College discusses next steps with Turkey, relocation and resettlement

Weekly meeting08/03/2016

Towards a Pillar of Social Rights, reformed rules for posted workers and a rebalancing of the economy

Weekly meeting02/03/2016

Faster crisis response within the EU: new Emergency Assistance instrument proposed

Weekly meeting24/02/2016

College debates country reports and VAT Action Plan

Weekly meeting17/02/2016

College prepares for migration and UK focus at summit

Weekly meeting10/02/2016

Migration: Progress on priority actions and call for urgent action

Weekly meeting05/02/2016

Commission adopts Opinion on Portugal's 2016 Draft Budgetary Plan

Weekly meeting02/02/2016

Fight against terrorist financing and adoption of Schengen Evaluation Report on Greece

Weekly meeting27/01/2016

Tighter rules for cars; Pillar of Social Rights; Schengen, Bulgaria and Romania

Weekly meeting19/01/2016

Commission works towards better criminal data sharing

Weekly meeting13/01/2016

Rule of law in Poland: Commission starts dialogue

Weekly meeting09/12/2015

Creating a Digital Single Market

Weekly meeting02/12/2015

Combatting terrorism, Circular Economy and better accessibility for people with disabilities

Weekly meeting24/11/2015

Reinforced protection for depositors in Europe and support for refugees in Turkey

Weekly meeting18/11/2015

Control of Firearms, Energy Union and Neighbourhood Policy Review

Weekly meeting11/11/2015

Completing Banking Union: debate on a European Deposit Insurance Scheme

Weekly meeting27/10/2015

Juncker Commission adopts second annual Work Programme

Weekly meeting21/10/2015

Deepening EMU and Fiat and Starbucks tax decisions

Weekly meeting14/10/2015

Managing the refugee crisis and redrawing EU trade strategy

Weekly meeting06/10/2015

Internal Market, labour mobility and transatlantic data transfers discussed

Weekly meeting30/09/2015

Capital Markets Union Action Plan and EU budget support in the refugee crisis

Weekly meeting23/09/2015

Management of the refugee crisis: Commission shows the way forward

Weekly meeting16/09/2015

Commission proposes reform for resolving investor-to-state disputes

Weekly meeting02/09/2015

Commission seminar: Tackling the challenges ahead

Weekly meeting22/07/2015

Kick-starting investment; changing EFSM; supporting workers and refugees

Weekly meeting15/07/2015

€35 billion for Greece mobilised; progress towards Energy Union

Weekly meeting07/07/2015

College discusses situation in Greece and TTIP

Weekly meeting01/07/2015

EMU and EU budget discussed; defunct proposals withdrawn

Weekly meeting24/06/2015

Commission appoints new Secretary-General; reshuffles senior management

Weekly meeting17/06/2015

Making Corporate Taxation fairer and more transparent

Weekly meeting09/06/2015

On the path to a more social Europe

Weekly meeting03/06/2015

Commission unveils actions to tackle animal testing

Weekly meeting27/05/2015

Commission fulfils its commitment to act swiftly on migration

Weekly meeting19/05/2015

Better Regulation Agenda: Enhancing transparency and scrutiny

Weekly meeting13/05/2015

Commission heralds Migration Agenda and CSRs

Weekly meeting06/05/2015

A Strategy for the Digital Single Market

Weekly meeting28/04/2015

New European Agenda on Security

Weekly meeting22/04/2015

Commission reviews GMOs, meets African Union, sends Statement of Objections to Gazprom

Weekly meeting15/04/2015

Commission opens Google antitrust proceedings

Weekly meeting25/03/2015

Digital Single Market: Commission agrees areas for action

Weekly meeting18/03/2015

Commission presents Tax Transparency Package and welcomes French Prime Minister Valls

Weekly meeting10/03/2015

Progress on economic policy and investment - geopolitics discussed

Weekly meeting04/03/2015

College debates migration and neighbourhood and receives A. Merkel

Weekly meeting25/02/2015

Energy Union and Economic Governance

Weekly meeting18/02/2015

College debates fairer taxation and launches consultation on Capital Markets Union

Weekly meeting10/02/2015

Informal European Council to focus on Security, Greece and Ukraine

Weekly meeting04/02/2015

€1bn for youth employment and kicking off Energy Union

Weekly meeting28/01/2015

Commission launches work on establishing a Capital Markets Union

Weekly meeting21/01/2015

A fresh look at European Security

Weekly meeting13/01/2015

€315 bn Investment Plan: Fund for Strategic Investments proposed

Weekly meeting10/12/2014

Juncker Commission takes oath of independence at the Court of Justice

Weekly meeting03/12/2014

College meets with Latvian government ahead of its EU Presidency

Weekly meeting25/11/2014

Opening the windows: Commission commits to enhanced transparency

Weekly meeting19/11/2014

Weekly College meeting discusses greater transparency

Weekly meeting12/11/2014

Second College meeting of the Juncker Commission

Weekly meeting05/11/2014

First College meeting of the Juncker Commission

Press release13/01/2017

CALENDRIER du 16 janvier au 22 janvier 2017

Press release06/01/2017

CALENDRIER du 9 janvier au 15 janvier 2017

Press release23/12/2016

CALENDRIER du 3 au 8 janvier 2017

Press release17/01/2017

European Commission adopts Opinions on the updated Draft Budgetary Plans of Spain and Lithuania

Press release17/01/2017

EU and US publish TTIP state of play assessment

Press release13/01/2017

European Commission appoints new Head of Representation in Estonia

Press release13/01/2017

Commission proposes EU Solidarity Fund assistance following the floods in the United Kingdom

Press release13/01/2017

Commission proposes EUR 100 million in Macro-Financial Assistance to the Republic of Moldova

Press release12/01/2017

Facility for Refugees in Turkey: Commission Reports on Progress in Fifth Steering Committee

Press release11/01/2017

Commission Proposes Enhanced Market Access for Sri Lanka as Reform Incentive

Press release11/01/2017

State aid: Commission approves support for Delimara Gas and Power Energy Project in Malta

Press release10/01/2017

State aid: Commission refers Spain to Court for failure to recover incompatible aid from digital terrestrial television operators and suspend payments

Press release10/01/2017

State aid: Commission approves restructuring plan of French Areva group

Press release10/01/2017

Commission outlines next steps towards a European data economy

Press release10/01/2017

Commission proposes high level of privacy rules for all electronic communications and updates data protection rules for EU institutions

Press release10/01/2017

A services economy that works for Europeans

Press release10/01/2017

Commission registers 'Ban Glyphosate' European Citizens' Initiative

Press release10/01/2017

Commission launches new initiative to improve health and safety of workers

Press release09/01/2017

EU promotes sustainable urban mobility by funding the extension of the Warsaw Metro

Press release05/01/2017

The European Social Fund has helped almost 10 million Europeans to find a job between 2007 and 2014

Press release03/01/2017

Commission welcomes entry into force of new transparency rules for tax rulings

Press release30/12/2016

European Capitals of Culture in 2017: Aarhus and Pafos

Press release23/12/2016

Investment Plan for Europe: Momentum continues with EFSI-backed agreements in all 28 Member States

Press release22/12/2016

Facility for Refugees in Turkey: the EU invests in the education of 70,000 Syrian refugee children

Press release22/12/2016

European Commission welcomes progress in relations between the European Union and Switzerland

Press release22/12/2016

Autumn 2016 Standard Eurobarometer: Immigration and terrorism continue to be seen as the most important issues facing the EU

Press release22/12/2016

European Commission appoints members of the High-Level Expert Group on sustainable finance

Press release22/12/2016

EIF and European Commission launch new capacity building initiative for micro-credit and social finance providers

Press release21/12/2016

Rule of Law: Commission discusses latest developments and issues complementary Recommendation to Poland

Press release21/12/2016

Commission sets out the strategic way forward for the EU's Customs Union

Press release21/12/2016

Visa reciprocity with the US and Canada: Commission reports on recent developments

Press release21/12/2016

Security Union: Commission adopts stronger rules to fight terrorism financing

Press release21/12/2016

Security Union: Commission proposes to reinforce the Schengen Information System to better fight terrorism and cross-border crime

Press release21/12/2016

Commission registers European Citizens' Initiative calling for European Free Movement Instrument

Press release21/12/2016

Commission proposes to modernise the Customs Union with Turkey

Press release20/12/2016

State aid: Commission approves auction scheme for electricity from renewable sources in Germany

Press release20/12/2016

Firearms: Agreement on Commission proposal to increase citizens' security

Press release20/12/2016

State aid: Commission clears German Network Reserve for ensuring security of electricity supply

Press release20/12/2016

The European Commission provides new support of €104 million for Kenya

Press release20/12/2016

Review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe highlights more employment, less poverty and a changing world of work

Press release20/12/2016

The EU and Egypt to foster sustainable economic development in the country

Press release20/12/2016

Mergers: Commission alleges Facebook provided misleading information about WhatsApp takeover

Press release20/12/2016

Already €130 billion delivered into Europe's real economy under the European Structural and Investment Funds


Antitrust: Commission welcomes Court of Justice judgment on Animal Feed Phosphates cartel


The EU's role in the Cyprus Settlement Process: Questions and Answers


Digital Single Market – Communication on Exchanging and Protecting Personal Data in a Globalised World Questions and Answers


Building the European Data Economy – Questions and answers


Digital Single Market – Stronger privacy rules for electronic communications


A services economy that works for Europeans: Questions and Answers


Commission follows up on workers' protection from cancer-causing chemicals: frequently asked questions


Commission modernises policy on health and safety at work: frequently asked questions


Questions and Answers: European Social Fund 2007-2013 evaluation


Commission Recommendation regarding the Rule of Law in Poland: Questions & Answers


Q&A on the update of EU rules on cash controls


Security Union: Regulation on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders – Questions and Answers


EU visa reciprocity mechanism - Questions and Answers


Security Union: Proposal for a Directive on countering money laundering by criminal law – Questions & Answers


Security Union: Technical and operational updates of the Schengen Information System – Questions & Answers


State aid: Commission welcomes Court judgment in Spanish Goodwill cases


Firearms Directive


2016 Employment and Social Developments in Europe Review: questions and answers

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Statement by Commissioner Avramopoulos during his visit to Lesvos, Greece


Remarks by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the Opening Ceremony of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU


Remarks by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the joint press conference with Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta


The reopening of the American market for French beef: declaration by European Commissioners Cecilia Malmström, Vytenis Andriukaitis and Phil Hogan


Joint Statement by Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and Italian Minister for the Interior Marco Minniti following their meeting in Rome


Erklärung des Kommissionspräsidenten Jean-Claude Juncker zum Tode von Roman Herzog


Déclaration du Président de la Commission européenne Jean-Claude Juncker suite au décès de Luc Coene


Statement by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker following the death of Mário Soares


Statement by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the passing away of Henning Christophersen


Statement to the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan


Statement by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the passing away of Hans Tietmeyer


Statement to the President of the Russian Federation


Statement of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Berlin