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Welcome to e-Certis


Welcome to e-Certis, the information system that helps you identify the different certificates and attestations frequently requested in procurement procedures across the 28 Member States, one Candidate Country (Turkey) and the three EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

What can e-Certis do for you?

If you are a European company wishing to submit a proposal in response to a foreign call for tenders, or if you are a contracting authority that has to evaluate a foreign tender, e-Certis can help you to understand what information is being requested or provided. Secondly it can help you to identify partner country documents that match certificates and attestations that are required locally.

Just enter the description relating to the document you look for or query the database using e-Certis search criteria, including keyword searches in your own language.

Please note that e-Certis is a reference tool and not a service of legal advice. It does not guarantee that the evidence information resulting from a query will be recognised as valid by a contracting authority. It is just an information tool which helps to identify and recognise the certificates and attestations that are most commonly requested in the context of procurement procedures of the different Member States.

The information contained in the database is provided by National authorities and updated on a regular basis.

To enter the system, please click here.

For further information, please contact us at eCERTIS HelpDesk.