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Maritime Security Strategy

What is it?

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In June 2014, The European Council adopted a Maritime Security Strategy for the global maritime domain. The objective of this strategy is to provide a common framework for relevant authorities at national and European levels to ensure coherent development of their specific policies and a European response to maritime threats and risks.  The second aim of such a strategy is to protect EU's strategic maritime interests and identify options to do so.  Such a framework will provide the context and ensure consistency amongst different sector specific maritime policies and strategies. Most importantly it will significantly strengthen the link between internal and external security aspects of the maritime policy of the EU and civil and military cooperation.

The main goals of an EU Maritime Security Strategy are:

1) to identify and articulate the main strategic maritime interests of the EU;

2) to identify and articulate the maritime threats, challenges and risks to the strategic maritime interests of the EU; and

3) to organise the response, i.e. provide the common policy objectives, common principles and areas of common support as the backbone of the joint strategic framework in order to create coherence for the diverse and wide array of sector specific maritime policies and strategies.

In December 2014, the Council adopted an Action Plan pdf - 210 KB [210 KB] All available translations. to implement this Strategy. This Action Plan contains 130 actions organised in five different areas:

1) External Action

2) Maritime Awareness, Surveillance and Information Sharing

3) Capability Development

4) Risk Management, Protection of Critical Maritime Infrastructure and Crisis Response

5) Maritime Security Research and Innovation, Education and Training

The Action Plan also identifies the relevant actors for each action (At EU and national level) and provides a timeline for implementation.

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