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Public day at EMD 2015 in Piraeus

Public day at EMD 2015 in Piraeus

European Maritime Day: public days in Piraeus



On 30 and 31 May 2015, the city of Piraeus hosted a series of public happenings at various locations of the city, celebrating its rich maritime history and culture. Local maritime stakeholders put their knowledge on display on the spectacular Piraeus coast.


Piraeus is the largest port in Greece with a unique history. On 30 and 31 May it opened its gates to the visitors who had the opportunity to explore the archaeological sites and the industrial monuments of the city. Along its coasts individual outdoor and indoors events were held: excursions by the sea, live performances, music events, marine sports, sailing open days and trips around the coast. Local restaurants provided special menus and offered traditional seafood dishes and excellent wine.


During the 2-day event archaeological sites, museums, theatres, collections and monuments were open to the public.


Lectures, job fairs in maritime industry, the latest in marine feature documentaries, educational events, photography exhibitions featuring sea and island treasures, increased awareness of the importance of the sea on a local, regional and global scale.


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