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EMD 2015 conference has attracted the interest of the European maritime community 

Commissioner Vella

  • The European Maritime Day 2015 brought together over 1300  participants to discuss about the potential of the blue economy.
  • On May 30 & 31, the city of Piraeus is hosting a series of public happenings at various locations of the city, celebrating its rich maritime history and culture. See more:
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Welcome to European Maritime Day 2015!

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European Maritime Day is celebrated annually in Europe on 20 May. This platform welcomes Europe's growing maritime community to discuss, debate and exchange best practices.

European Maritime Day 2015 Piraeus is taking place over 4 days (28 to 31 May 2015).

The Conference (28-29 May, Megaron Conference Center, Athens) focused on ports and coasts as engines for Blue Growth. Piraeus also celebrates its maritime community directly on its coasts on 30-31 May with public happenings.