Maritime Policy development

Development of an Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU

European Council welcomes the policy: In the conclusions of the meeting of the European Council, Heads of States and Governments of the EU welcomed the Integrated Maritime Policy on 14 December 2007.

Launch of the Integrated Maritime Policy: On 10 October 2007 the Commission presented its vision for an Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union. The vision document – also called the Blue book – was accompanied by a detailed Action Plan, an impact assessment and a report on the results of the broad stakeholder consultation.

Consultation on the Green paper: Over 490 contributions were received, and over 230 events had been held where Maritime Policy was discussed with stakeholders in the year-long consultation on the Green paper (7 June 2006—30 June 2007). The report of the consultation [PDF ~160 Kb] was presented by the Commission on 10 October 2007.

The Green Paper on a Future Maritime Policy for the European Union was adopted on 7 June 2006 by the Commission. The Green Paper was accompanied by a number of background documents which have been produced by European Commission Working Groups and by the Maritime Policy Task Force which oversaw the drafting of the Green Paper.