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EC Representation in Malta

Mobile roaming to end
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23/09/2013 09:38:13

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, has argued for the abolition of mobile roaming beginning in 2014.

    The Vice-President said “I want to say loud and clear: you should not have different rights, different rules, different prices everywhere you go in Europe. 

    “We can’t fix that overnight – but we agree it’s wrong and make surgical interventions to address to the worst of the problems.

    “We have a bunch of new benefits and rights for users: There is of course our determination to push roaming out of the market, starting in 2014. We need to end roaming, not just reduce the price. The cost of providing data will get cheaper faster than regulation can keep up – price reductions will become a losing game.

    “So the first new step is to ban incoming call charges from 2014.

    “The Second new step is to offer companies a cheaper way to deliver EU-wide "Roam Like At Home" plans. If they do this from 2014, they enjoy lighter European regulation

     “If your operator does not offer "Roam Like At Home" – you the consumer can take control. You can choose a domestic price plan from the country you travel to when you get there. You don’t need a new number or second bill. It will be possible from your phone.

    “In other words: one way or the other, customers will be able to escape these high charges.

    “We will also make calls cheaper from within your home country. Each time you use either your fixed landline or your mobile to call abroad, it should not cost you more than to call within your country. This means that every phone user is a winner from this package. 

    “You will have other consumer rights, like simpler ways to change contracts and the right to clearer information in those contracts. But the most important new right will be your right to the open internet."

    Statistics also seem to indicate that mobile roaming usage in Malta and by the Maltese has increased ever since roaming tariffs began to be reduced a few years ago. Figures published by the Malta Communication Authority Communications in its Market Review clearly show this.

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