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EC Representation in Malta

Pre-Information Notice: Call for proposals to select organisations for hosting public information centres known as Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs)
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20/03/2012 15:25:07

In 2012, the European Commission Representation in Malta is going to launch a Call for proposals to select organisations eligible for an action grant in return for hosting public information centres known as Europe Direct Centres (EDICs).

    The next call will be published approximately between May and July 2012 and will concern the third generation of EDICs from 2013 onwards.
    The EDICs, selected through calls for proposals and managed by the Commission Representation provide general EU information (awareness-raising events, websites, publications, engagement with local media)  and handle public enquiries in person or by phone/e-mail.


    Eligible entities
    A wide variety of host organisations are eligible to apply to become a national EDIC, ranging from national, local and regional administrations, NGOs, local libraries, civil society organisations etc.

    As per background information on the last call for proposals (2009-2012), the value of each grant was between €12,000 and €25,000.

    Further information
    Further details on the Europe Direct Network, including activity reports, are available on the Europe Direct web page.

    Since grants constitute expenditure charged to the Union's budget, they may not be awarded until a basic act has been adopted and are subject to approval of the budget by the budgetary authority. This announcement, on the foreseen call for proposals, is published ahead of the procedure and creates no obligation towards the European Commission.

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