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Danish government presents its Presidency programme
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10/01/2012 15:53:24

At a press conference in Copenhagen the Danish Government presented the Presidency programme to the Danish and International press together with the diplomatic corps.  The Danish Government said that its paramount task will be to emerge safely from the current deep crisis in the EU, to ensure economic stability and to create the foundation for future growth and employment. At the same time, Europe must address new cross-border challenges relating to climate, energy, environment and security. Only in partnership can Europe meet these challenges.

    Danish government presents its Presidency programme

    Through close and trusting cooperation, the Danish Presidency will collaborate with the other Member States, the EU institutions, including the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as the Trio partners of Poland and Cyprus in a focused way to create the momentum that Europe needs.

    The Danish Presidency will work for sustainable growth as well as job creation, making sure that Europe emerges safely from the crisis by pursuing a responsible policy, ensuring sustainable public finances and implementing the necessary structural reforms. At the European Council on 9 December 2011, a number of important decisions were taken with respect to enhancing fiscal policy discipline with the aim of securing economic stability in Europe. During the Danish Presidency, work
    will need to be done on implementing these decisions in order to enhance fiscal policy and economic coordination as part of the short-term and long-term efforts to tackle the debt crisis for a strong European economy, revitalised growth in the EU and for a stronger EU that effectively addresses the problems that occupy Europe’s citizens and enterprises on a daily basis.

    Europe should promote the transition to a green economy and enhance its focus on sustainability. This requires enhanced efforts to bring about this transition and tackle the rising problems of environmentally harmful production methods, over-utilisation of important natural resources and climate change. The EU must strive to achieve its climate and energy targets regarding increased energy efficiency by 2020 as well as expansion of renewable energy, enhanced energy efficiency and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

    Action must be taken to formulate an effective and green transport policy, common green standards in the Single Market and the widespread adoption of sustainable consumption and production patterns. An agricultural sector that embraces environmentally, nature and climate-friendly farming methods is also part of the solution. Similarly, action is to be taken to bring about a sustainable reform of the EU fisheries policy.

    The safety of citizens and Europe’s international influence in a globalised world is most effectively promoted and safeguarded through joint efforts and strong European cooperation. Europe’s international influence within security, trade and development must be maintained. The Member States must enhance cooperation regarding a well managed asylum and migration policy as well as regarding effective action to fight and prevent both terrorism and cross-border crime. The Danish
    Presidency will support the wish of EU neighbouring countries for closer cooperation, including access to EU markets, and contribute to ensuring that the enlargement process continue as a responsible enlargement policy.

    Malta will be hosting the Presidency of the European Union in 2017.

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