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EC Representation in Malta

ABC of the EU
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The ABC of the European Union provides basic and concise guide to the organization and activities of Community institutions and its agencies that are spread around the EU countries.

General information may be found at the following website:

Specific information such as the history of the EU, the treaties, the symbols, and other facts may be found in further detail within their specific website as follows:

Treaty of Lisbon - Consolidated Treaties

Panorama of the EU: a brief explanation of what the EU is, what it does and how it works

Europe in 12 lessons: a detailed overview of the EU past, present and future

EU History: more than half a century of cooperation in Europe

EU Treaties: an overview of the basic documents on which the EU is founded

EU Symbols: the European anthem, flag, motto and Europe Day

Countries: maps of Europe and a description of each country

Travelling in Europe: practical information for everyone planning a holiday in Europe

Key facts and figures: basic statistics on Europe made simple

Eurojargon: plain language guide to EU expressions

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